Elizabeth Warren masterfully calls out Facebook's problematic ad policy

Elizabeth Warren is actively trying to raise awareness about Facebook's problematic ad policy ahead of the 2020 election, and she's getting especially creative with her tactics.

Windows 10 news recap: Microsoft won’t fix Windows 10 Mobile security flaw with Cortana, Your Phone

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Still using Windows 10 Mobile?

Microsoft news recap: all Mixer streamers can now request monetisation, Mike Ybarra leaving Microsof

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! All Mixer streamers can now request verification and access to monetization features Good news for new-comers to Microsoft’s streaming platform,

'Jexi' is, unfortunately, a movie fit for our times

This review contains major spoilers for Jexi.?In his recent New York Times op-ed, "How to Stop Superhuman A.I. Before It Stops Us," Dr. Stuart Russell, a professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley,

What to pack when traveling with your pet

Those of us with an incurable case of wanderlust can usually find a good amount of joy in treating ourselves to the latest and greatest in travel products — smart suitcases, collapsible straws, purifying water bottles (before you ask, the answer is no,

Best gifts for pet parents: 15 gift ideas for dog and cat owners

We all have that one friend that treats their pet like it’s their child and/or best friend (yes, I am that person and yes, I have my dog’s name tattooed on me, what of it?).?You’d probably figure that a stellar pet parent already has enough stuff for their fur baby,

New 'Charlie's Angels' trailer is here to remind you that women are badass

A second trailer for the Elizabeth Banks-directed Charlie's Angels reboot is here, and it's extremely badass.The film stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska as members of an inseparable sisterhood — "lady spies" who work to wrong rights in the world and take down bad guys.

Best travel gifts 2019: 30 gift ideas for people who love to travel

Traveling to distant countries and locations can be very exciting — and rewarding. There's nothing like going out into the world and experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and different ways of life. There's a whole big planet out there that extends so much further than small neighborhoods and towns.?


不同于企業定位和產品定位,個人品牌的定位非常重要,每個做個人品牌的人,做的第一件事就是個人定位,這其中包含了最 […]


各路玩家齊聚小程序, 支付寶缺少社交場景,其小程序生態尤為特殊。一年過去,支付寶的小程序怎么樣了? 作者:蘆依 […]


本文以一款探店美食社區APP——覓食蜂為研究對象,展開了一份完整詳細的產品分析報告,enjoy~ 初始識覓食蜂 […]


從“出門買菜”到“等菜上門”——“世界上最難的電商生意”。 “一個多月沒出門了,都不知道線上買菜和菜場比哪個便 […]


在文學領域,以“閱文系”為代表的網絡文學App也進入了上億用戶的手機,尤其是在年輕人的流行文學閱讀方面,網絡文 […]

60+ unique gifts for under $50: Gift ideas for absolutely everyone

Gift-giving on a budget is an art. Think about the "Christmas Party" episode of The Office where Michael insists on doing the Yankee Swap with everyone's Secret Santa gifts — you don't want to pull a Michael and go way over the agreed price limit,

好好的To B,為何成了一門喪生意?

To B SaaS在中國的發展不是太好,反觀其他國家市場并未出現這樣的現象。為何在中國卻呈現如此“慢”、如此“ […]


熱詞一起,眾多公司追風,別人做我也做。但是,服務和質量才是核心。 我們每個人都有很多很多會員卡,彰顯身份的航空 […]


前段時間有幸跟一個做了12年運營的老司機面對面學習交流,在過程中記錄一個關于運營人學習/成長的精彩回答,分享給 […]


瑞幸咖啡聯合創始人、CMO楊飛以“luckin coffee的新零售思考”為主題,向觀眾分享了luckin c […]


在互聯網的下半場,拼多多該如何摘掉外界對負面的評價,構建起競爭優勢呢?在筆者看來,關鍵在供應鏈! 前不久,一篇 […]


中國民宿的星辰大海不是百億體量的在線共享住宿,而是千億體量的中高端酒店市場。民宿領域的獨角獸不是要去做一個好平 […]


你的表達和實力,哪個更重要?準備地問,你認為哪一個更需要提升?本篇文章就這一個問題進行了分析探討,與大家分享。 […]


品效合一就是要求消費者立馬行動起來,看到消息后立馬做出反饋。 廣告界有一句堪稱經典的名言: “我明知道我的廣告 […]


提到績效管理,很多人可能會想到 OKR、KPI、360考核等等,但是績效管理和績效考核是一回事嗎?OKR 真的 […]


熱搜榜成為某種流行和儀式后,開始變得畸形起來,一些追星粉絲會問,“周杰倫微博數據那么差,為什么演唱會門票還難買 […]


擁有正確的思維模式和創新心態能更好地幫助我們解決問題和挑戰,本篇文章就這個問題進行了探討。 愛因斯坦當然是對的 […]


其他用戶的評價是選擇一樣東西時的重要參考,但是在利益的驅使下,眾多無意義的評價出現。為了真正實現評價的作用,評 […]


與讓無數商業大佬、投資人、創業者紛紛高呼看不懂摸不透的95后、00后相比,老年人的世界其實更好理解,只不過掘金 […]


年輕的外表可以輕易打造,但年輕的內心,卻要靠不斷的求索、試探和溝通。而在一次次求索中,年輕人的面貌逐漸清晰,品 […]


作為阿里健康“Double H”戰略的阿里健康,五年來一直在深耕“大健康生態”。手握支付寶、淘寶等流量入口。投 […]

This mask is going to transform the way you sleep

TL;DR: Grab a room-darkening Manta Sleep Mask on sale for more than 20% off, dropping the price to just $29.99 — a small price to pay for the best sleep of your life.Picture this: you finally head to bed early one night hoping to finally achieve eight hours of peaceful slumber. You feel drowsy,

Find out what super productive workplaces all have in common

TL;DR: The Lean Six Sigma training and certification bundle is on sale for $39.20 with code 20LEARN20.?Working on a team is rough. People are people, and people are difficult. There's nothing more frustrating than having your hard work derailed by waste — of time, effort, resources, etc.

Forever change the way you watch TV with this device that's on sale

TL;DR: RokuTV wireless speakers are on sale through October for just $149.99 (normally $199.99) and come with TV Voice Remote and Bluetooth streaming.Remember when having a DVD/VCR combo built right into your TV was considered the apex of home entertainment tech? Like Jetsons-level,

Every wall outlet should be able to do this one simple thing

TL;DR: The innovative Rabbit Charger is on sale for $50, saving you $10.It's hard to believe that no matter how advanced our iPhones get, they still come packaged with the same basic chargers. These charging cables break and fray. They tangle easily. They clutter up outlets and desks everywhere.?

CyberGhost VPN on sale for just £2.10 a month

TL;DR: CyberGhost VPN is on sale for £2.10 a month for three years, saving you 80% on list price.We're entering into the spookiest season of the year, and that means everything you purchase should be in keeping. We don't make the rules, we just enforce them.When it comes to VPNs,

NordVPN on sale for under £3 a month

TL;DR: The secure NordVPN is on sale for £2.82 a month, saving you 70% on list price.There are many ways you could be spending your weekend, but there is no way more exciting than investing in your online security. Absolutely nothing tops that.


科技產品的包圍,顛覆用戶的認知,邁向更遠的科技未來。 在剛剛過去的國慶長假里,回到家鄉的筆者,充分體會到了小鄉 […]